Q1: Does the massager have any certificates or registered patents?
A: Our product has gone through the strict process of certification. Production environment is fully certified to ISO 9002; ISO 13465. All materials are in full compliance to ROS Certification requirements. Devices and methods are patented or pending patenting in several countries, including USA and Canada, However it is not been evaluated by the FDA.

Q2: I have improvement after 3 weeks, so I stopped massaging. Pelvic pain gone.
Should I keep doing massage with the same frequency or should I stop ?
Answer: It takes about 6 month for visible prostate function recovery. You can reduce frequency of massages or switch from level 2 to level 1.

Q3: Does this device have any side effects?
A: We do not know any reported cases with side effects.

Q4: What about sterilization? How safe it is?
There are no special requirements for sterilization. Regular or antibacterial soap and warm water before and after use should be enough. Keep all devices in open air, dry environment to prevent from mold. However we are testing a few models of UV sterilizers which will be presented soon with 3 mode vibro- system.

Q5: I discovered pain in lower colon area during massage (level1), not in prostate gland, should I stop massaging?
We strongly recommend discuss this issue with your doctor and stop massaging at this point.
Our massagers are not a medical devices and we are not authorized to make any health related statements. Level 1 vibro should help to discover all 3 problematic areas of your body with minimum load in to prostate gland and surrounding muscles and if you feel pain it is a signal to discuss it with doctor until next massaging session.
Our approach to pelvic area massage is similar to heavy lifting: you never start your exercise with heavier weights.

Q6: I am a truck driver and start using massager level 1 vibro daily after 8 hours driving. Pain gone. Any limitation on how often I can perform massage?
Level 1-head #1 designed for external massage and it is OK for daily use, 8-12 HRS recovery time. Head #2 and #3- for internal massage-required 36-48 HRS recovery time.

Q7: What is 3 points massage about?
3-points discovery massage can be performed with Level 2-Vibro-sonic Massagers or Level1 Manual.
You have to insert rubber head full length straight and apply vibrations during 30 sec. This way you will test anus muscles. If no pain, go to point2- insert rubber head 25-30 degrees up, full length, you will reach lower colon area. Apply 30 sec. vibrations. If no pain go to point 3. Insert rubber head 25-30 degrees down to the prostate gland location. Apply vibrations during 30 sec. If you feel pain in any of the above 3 points, discuss it with your doctor.