Antony, age 56,Toronto, Canada

Diagnose: Chronic prostatitis since 1991
Treatment: 1991 – 2008 – antibiotics only. No improvements. Blood in semen since 2006. Antibiotics:Sipro, Tylenol 3
Urinated 5-7 times per day and 2 times per night. Since 2005 permanent pain in pelvic area. Increased pain while driving the car.

2009 – After 6 month of using Level 1 massager:
Massaging frequency 2-3 times per week:
Timing: 60 second waves relaxation massage Sonic 1. 3 minutes manual massager Level 1
Urinating 3-4 times per day; 0 per night /8HRS sleep without interruptions
No blood in semen after 3 month
No pain in pelvic area from massage to massage time.

John M. WS, USA

“Best massagers on the market. I have been dealing with prostatitis symptoms for 2 years now. I have noticed improvements within just 4 weeks of use the Vibro Massager. Highly recommended for all to try.”

George, age 47,London , Ontario

Diagnose: Chronic prostatitis since 1995
During Level 1 massage pain was discovered in Anus area
After 5 massages pain in prostate gland area gone. After 10 sessions pain in Anus area gone. After improvement kept doing Level 1 manual massage weekly.

Mr. G. Allan , UK

“OMG, What a fantastic purchase. Done wonders for Anglo-Canadian sales. Bravo!”

George, Age 57, Mississauga, Ontario

Level 2, 3 point exploring massage
Diagnose: Chronic prostatitis since 1999. Abdominal pain or a cramping pain in lower stomach
During level 2 massage with Vibro-Sonic 3-D pain in lower colon was discovered
Colonoscopy was recommended by Doctor. After 3 weeks of lower colon area massage pain gone
Examination was completed by Doctor inside the rectum and lower colon with a glowed finger.

Mike P, Atlanta

“Finally!! I’m writing to you because after 8 long years of living chronic prostatitis I thought I’d never find a cure to relieve the annoying symptoms. After using Vibro Massager for 2 months, I’m now feeling better than I ever did. Thank you so much and hooray for Sonic Massager!”

Paul M., Montgomery, AL

“Your Massager is the BEST! Fast delivery, easy to use and my prostate is feeling much better. Strongly recommended!

Ray Parkinson, IL

“Thank you for such a wonderful product! After making a habit of using it a few times a week I was happy to see that the incidence of my prostatitis symptoms has significantly reduced”

 Dr.Feng Zhi Chao MD, Ph.D (United Kingdom)

“Dr.Feng has over 30 years’ experience in both orthodox and Chinese Medicine. Trained in Beijing (MD) and UK (PhD). A member of the British Acupuncture Council since 1991. A Management Committee Member of the Acupuncture Research Resource Centre of the British Acupuncture Council for 5 years. Was given the acupuncture practicing privileges at the renowned Lister Hospital in 2006. World Outstanding Acupuncturist acknowledged by WFAS in Beijing. Currently providing acupuncture in London world class private family doctors clinic at Knightsbridge; the world leading fertility clinic at the Harley Street .

We use your 3-D Sonic massager as part of my unique natural treatments. A patient’s sperm DNA damage has been reduced from 44% to 28% 

(Fertile sperm less than 25% DNA damage) within 47 days, 59% of sperm mature time which is 80 days.

Thank you again and very best regards from London, United Kingdom


US Customer (age 68), supported by Urologist: July7. 2014

“Hello Doctor,

I am excited to notify you that upon my check-up with my urologist today, he declared that my bladder is in good condition. I urged him to check the size of my prostate, and he told me it is now 78.25cc.  It was 108.00cc in June of 2012.  My PSA is also 0.3 last month as well as in December 2013. 

 These reports allay my fear over the blood in my urine, some pains I have from time to time while urinating, and some frequency (like 45 minutes) intervals. Thanks for the massager.  I use it every two nights or thrice a week.” 

US customer (age 64), supported with Testosterone data, provided by medical institution.

“My February Testosterone Serum level has risen to 959 ng / dl — in other words a 30.47% increase in 9 months.  I attribute the increase to the Sonic Massager, the Iodine (Iodoral) supplement and broccoli 3x week (to reduce conversion to estrogen).   

The February reading places me in the top 5% of men 34 + / – years.  No idea how long such readings will last but, in the meantime, thank you for all your help.”